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Penguin Hat Pom Pom Posh Fox Hat Holly Berry Headband Red Pikmin

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We have now set up our security certificate on our website so you can be assured your information is safe while placing orders with us!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will get back to you.  Some items cannot be sent over a secure connection which at this point should only be the ads shown on the website.  When you check out, the ads will not show on those pages to ensure a full secure connection.  Also be sure when placing an order and paying with paypal that you fully complete your order by clicking on the paypal pay now button, and then once payment has been sent, clicking on the button to return back to our website.  If this is not done, your order may be delayed a bit while we match up your order on our website with your payment.

UPDATE: I have decided to remove the ads completely on the website so each page is fully secure. The only thing that I am now having issues with is the Pinterest like button which causes the product details page to not be 100% secure. Hopefully I will find a fix for this without removing the pinterest button.



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