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Product Reviews

Lately I have been going around on the internet to try and find some special sites that would be willing to do a review of my products.  I put all my heart into each item that I create and try to make it the absolute best that it can be.  Because of this, I really wanted to share what I love doing with others and get some feedback on what they think. I am happy to announce that the blog "Seven Thirty Three" by Kim is the first to do a product review for my site.  I had her come to the site, place an order and I processed, created and shipped her order just like any other with no special treatment.  I had hoped to get a good review and the feedback was great.

If you are interested in reading this great review, please head over to her site and be sure to leave a comment.  Keep checking back to her site as well, because I will have a special offer to her readers next Tuesday!



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