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Pikmin Plush

Pikmin Plush
Based on characters from Nintendo's Pikmin series, now you can play out your own pikmin adventures with these handheld pikmin plushies. Perfect for children and geeks alike.

Made with super soft acrylic yarn. Pikmin measure between 5-6 inches for main body and a total of 11-12 inches from top of leaf to bottom of legs. Sizes may vary slightly as each one is unique. Currently only available with a leaf. Rock Pikmin not available.

All Pikmin are made to order. Please allow 1-3 business days for each one to be created (on top of current turn around time).

Please choose the attributes you would like for your item:

Sizes, Cost, Quantity
Yellow Pikmin $29.00 each Qty:
Red Pikmin $29.00 each Qty:
Blue Pikmin $29.00 each Qty:
Pink Pikmin $29.00 each Qty:
Purple Pikmin $29.00 each Qty:
White Pikmin $29.00 each Qty:
All Pikmin (6) $143.00 each Qty:

Yarn Colors

Additional Instructions: Please include all instructions on colors per item, location of additional items etc.
For increased accuracy, please include head measurements for each hat ordered.

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